Paying to advertise a brand or product has been around for years, traditionally using advertising sections in newspapers. With the growth of the internet, much of this advertising has now moved online. Using platforms like Adwords you can now advertise you company both locally and globally more efficiently than before. Adwords works by only making you pay when someone clicks on the advert and visits your site making it easy to track how well the advert is working. Using these paid advertising tactics alongside the digital PR and social media will ensure your website is seen whilst organic SEO works to improve your rank on search engines.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising has been around since the dawn of time, from advertising boards in shops to advertising sections in newspapers.

We have the ability to advertise locally or globally, depending on the kind of business you are and you only have to pay when people visit your site through Adwords. Other companies won't be able to touch you when you have this bear showing his teeth.

SEO & Adwords

Nowadays one of the most influential types of paid advertising is Adwords on search engines such as google. RedDog takes the perfect balance between an agressive approach when neccesary in a competitive market, and soft coersion when gentleness is required. He tactically manoeuvers within your set budget in a ruthless persuit of clicks and conversions. 

Our dog howls louder than any competition so he can put your page on the Adwords section at the top of Google search results, and won't stop chasing those sales.