The amount of people using smartphones and tablets increases by a large amount each year, with more of us choosing to browse the internet using these devices rather than laptops and PCs. This has led to a huge demand for apps making it easier for users to browse on their device. Noticing this opportunity for businesses, the development team at Dedred have brought apps to both likely and unlikely clients, whether these be e-commerce based or purely for information.

Digital development

On phones, on tablets, on everything, apps are the present and future, the word of this decade will be 'Apps'.

Lucky for Dedred customers, our resident tiger has sunk his teeth into and brought apps to the most likely and most unlikely of customers for several different platforms.

The recent boom of smartphones and computer tablets has led to a large market demand for apps, which are now used more on mobile phones than the phones web browsers are. This demand for apps has created a opportunity for businesses to bring a app to the market. The apps that can be made range from simple information apps to e-commerce website apps.