Whether you need brand ID or conceptual advertising campaigns, the creative concept team here at Dedred have got you covered. With experience in handling all the visual presentation aspects of you business, whether digital or not, brand protection and consistence of message are of utmost importance at Dedred. Using a variety of design applications ranging from Adobe Illustrator to Photoshop and thanks so a background in traditional art, the team have the perfect combination of tradition and digital skills. Website layout, brochure work and company branding are only a few from the long list of creative concepts we offer.

Digital Marketeer

Creative conceptual ideas - its what we do, and it falls under Red Koala's remit.

From Corporate ID and brand standards to conceptual advertising campaign work. From graphic design for printed material to page layout on e-commerce websites, Dedred have a wealth of experience handling the visual presentation for all media vehicles. digital or not.

Brand protection across all projects is of paramount importance to DedRed. Consistence of message, visual or written is a must within any communication method, integrating them and adhering to the brand values is what we do!

Creative solutions

The Alpha male of the creative team, Red Wolf loves getting his teeth into creative conceptual work

Experienced in a variety of design applications including Adobe Illustrater, Indesign and Photoshop as well as a background in traditional art have given this Wolf a keen eye for good design. Applying these digital and traditional skills, to projects including:
Website layout, Advertising campaigns, brochure work, company branding, the list goes on. The media may change but the design requirements remain the same - inspirational graphical representation within the brand values of the client.