With our Digital PR services your company is sure to be at the front of peoples minds. With the use of the internet allowing a quicker dialogue between companies and customers, utilisting this digital aspect can seriously improve your business prospects. Not only has the internet itself improved dialogue, the use of social media has taken over older methods. This growth means that the social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter are now important platforms to get others to promote your product or service by sharing them with friends and family. Our team will use content marketing, blogging and other various methods to make sure you have the perfect mix of traditional and digital PR alongside social media to help your brand grow.

Digital PR

A big bird for a the big job -  Digital PR - content marketing, blogging and the various other methods that make up Digital PR and Social Media, our swan will bring your company to the front of peoples minds.

The importance of Digital PR and Social Media in this day and age can not be overstated. The usage of the internet has allowed a dialogue between a company and its customers which is faster and more direct than ever before, this dialogue can seriously improve a companies business prospects. 

Use the correct mix of traditional and digital PR with Social media and your brand will grow rather than stay a stunted ugly duckling.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Tumblr etc, social media has taken over the world! Bringing with it a gigantic marketting opportunity. Between promoted posts on Facebook and Twitter hashtag campaigns, the features to expose your brand on these social media sites is there, just waiting to be utilized.

Our Red Monkey recognises the relationship between social media and Public Relations - its just different media vehicles. The difference is, social media is a 2 way communication !  One of the main aspects of social marketting is to get customers to start promoting your product or campaign through their own network of friends and family, this helps spread the word of your campaign exponentially. This also generates 'Earned media' which is basically word of mouth advertising on the internet and has been seen in studies to be far more effective than paid media/advertising.