• A Red Cabbage has many integrated layers, it's almost cerebral in its structure, that's why we named this offering after it. We combine all the digital media services into one which addresses all of the written word requirements  for each of them. TRY SOME RED CABBAGE - ITS GOOD FOR YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS

Red cabbage – An integrated brand communications strategy ensuring that all of your communication channels & media relate to each other, share a common and consistent voice, reinforces your brand values and key messages and impacts positively on SEO; We outline a recommended strategic approach for integrating digital brand communications, then propose planned activity across digital/traditional public relations, blog aggregation and outreach, website news & content generation and social media.

Build awareness of your profile in key industry sectors – Generate media coverage for the company and its products in key digital & traditional media; Increase quantity and quality of social media followers/supporters; Increase traffic to your website; an increase in sales leads through high SEO visibility. We feed the sales funnel and its value can be accurately measured against KPIs we set at the start of any campaign.

CONTENT IS KING – especially when it relates to your target audience and appears in media vehicles appropriate to their preferences. Content marketing just hit the steroids! Its called Red Cabbage!