• DedredComs handles an affordable website design service. Tailored for owner managed organisations who have a finite budget but want high levels of design input and more importantly deliver a return on investment. The adage "Build it and they will come" is NOT the case with websites, it takes hard work through the likes of quality build, SEO, content marketing etc. Speak to us regarding this and we will make your website project a success, google recognised with a rocket like performance.

Utilising user friendly content management systems the websites we handle can be “worked” by clients, avoiding extra cost implications for the simplest of amends and additions. The client can then take it as far as he or she wants. Website design is our business, but if you have the time and inclination to manage your site on an on going basis after a period of guidance from ourselves then who are we to argue.

Online success – our track record speaks for itself. ROI is the key objective as far as we are concerned. Keeping up to date with what needs to be addressed as far as website design goes is what we do. But the goalposts do move – what is right now, may well be frowned upon by the google gods in 6 months time. At the time of writing this, some of the most important issues concerning a website include:

Is your site responsive (adapts to viewing on mobile devices such as tablets and phones) – If not google will down grade you. 70% of first visit of websites are now on mobile devices – Google wants you to accommodate its customers

Is your site easily accessible by google? Can it work out what you are about? – This is down to the build quality of site elements – If Google can’t work you out, it won’t recommend you for the right service.

Does it look good? Is it aspirational to your target audience? (Not necessarily to your personal taste) Does it use the language of your potential customers?  If it turns your target audience on then you have a chance at driving a response and into the sales funnel.

CONTENT IS KING – Is your content fresh and unique? Is your content in depth and informative? Do you sound like you know what you are talking about? – Cut and paste from other sites will get you downgraded by google – it works this out! Google needs to be sure that you are an authority on what you are talking about, before it ranks you highly enough and recommends you as the best choice on your subject matter.

Are you guilty of stuffing keywords into the copy? The ever knowing google will spot this and again downgrade you. Do you see the phrase Website design overly repeated in this section? If it had been then Google would make the assumption that we were cheating the system and really haven’t got the knowhow to give informative advice and information on the areas we claim to be an expert on, i.e. Website Design.

ARE YOU WORKING YOUR SITE – Activity through fresh elements and information, regularly updated News, Social Media integration, perhaps a blog. Care about your site and take an interest in your subject matter and customers - Google will look favourably upon you.