Search engine optimisation (SEO) is optimising the visibility of your business and ensuring it is noticeable on various search engines. Getting your website to rank well is no easy task, and with 93% of all online interactions starting with a search engine, ensuring you have the best possible help with your SEO is key. Our team are experts in all things search engine related and will utilise their ever evolving and extensive knowledge of the various ones available and the way their behaviours change to ensure your website is up there with the best. 

  • Improved visability in search engine results through higher rankings
  • Great quality content enriched with accurate and relevant keywords
  • Increased number of backlinks from directories, websites and freelance writers
  • Enhanced website authority
  • Increased brand awareness

Why SEO Requires Specialist Skills & Knowledge To Be Effective


By utilising his ever evolving and extensive knowledge and knowhow of sesrch engine behaviour, RedGrizzly will determine the ideal tactics via relevent search terms specifically to your business to increase exposure.

Like scooping fish out of a river, our grizzly ensures that you benefit from frequent "organic" traffic to your site from the very first day, making SEO a valuble low-cost business promotion

SEO & Digital Marketeer

Alongside wordsmith duties on public relations and social media projects to drum up attention and traffic, RedQuokka is ready to scratch out keywords and tactically embed them into topical relevant content.

RedQuokka will work on ensuring the copy on your website is quality enough to consistently grab high scoring search engine rankings. Her work doesn't end there however, as she regularly works with freelance writers and directory citations to create backlinks and domain authority

Social Media & SEO

With her ear to the ground with all things current, RedRabbit takes advantage of social media trends and uses her blogging skill to keep your site content current, relevant, and informative.

An important part of Search Engine Optimisation is the incorporation of regular updates with entertaining cintent with the cultivation and engagement of essential relationships with a healthy following on social media.