Website development should take into consideration visual attractiveness naturally, but beauty is of course in the eye of the beholder. Therefore Dedred works to fulfil your own unique requirements to present your website in a way that combines engaging content with clever layouts and visual tactics to encourage active user behaviour and targeted focus. With the developers here at Dedred working on both and PHP projects, you’ll be sure to find what you want whether this be e-commerce platforms or custom web based reporting software. Not only will the team use their engineering skills and practices to fulfill your requirements in the best way possible, they will also consider the design aspect at all stages so the end product will be both visually pleasing and work efficiently. For more on the website development team, take a look at their profiles below.

Technical Development

Website development - Lair of the Red Tiger - A developer with teeth, keen eye and razor sharp intellect. From concept to launch, RT develops the most complex of functionality. Visually, a website has to appeal and attract, but if it's not fit for purpose through sloppy coding then you might as well throw money up the wall! is his optimum diet but PHP projects are also handled by this most senior of developers.

Integration with ERP systems, e-commerce platforms or creating custom web based reporting software, this tiger has earned his stripes with over 12 years experience in the field.

Technical Development Tiger

Digital Architecture Panda

Digital Architecture

Perfect planning prevents pathetic performance - Our Senior Digital Architect Red Panda is the reason why every great website design we produce has perfect structure and a phenominal performance.

Before the design team play with their pretty pictures and before Red Tiger gets his claws into the html, Red Panda ponders the reason why the website should be in existence, and through a process he refers to as "Deep thought" calmly chews on a few bamboo shoots and fires the masterplans to the designers.

Once done he moves on to the next project - this is where the phrase "Eats, shoots and leaves" comes from.

Senior Developer

RedLlama takes an idea and runs with it, following professional coding standards to build cutting edge web solutions and managing the campaign from inception. He leads the technical design team in handling software development and design, as his experience in the field means he is adept to directing and communicating with junior designers.

RedLlama excecutes his engineering skills and practices as well as the attractive design of your website to ensure absolute security so you'll never have the wool pulled over your eyes.